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“I had worked with other healers and coaches, but it was Christina’s guidance and wisdom that helped me move forward."

Preeti Mattoo, CEO and Founder of Well Adorned


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I'm an embodiment coach, a mom of three, an educator, and an entrepreneur. 

I began my own healing journey in my 30’s after a divorce and a career change. You can read more of my story here. Embodiment just worked for me. It works for my clients. I offer 1-1 coaching for men and women. I also have developed a super awesome program for women that gets them grounded in more feminine energy and pointed towards themselves. It is available for the first time to women that are not my 1-1 clients this year and I am live teaching it workshop style as part of a membership. You can read more about Radiance here

I started writing on Medium last year and through that I have seen more male clients and started developing an embodiment course for them as well. You can find out more about that here

I am really proud of my community and I am really glad to have you join in. Embodiment and somatic work doesn't make it into the consciousness of most people but it really can help, it's pretty simple and it's fast. 

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