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Real Life Changes + Emotional Regulation


I help women and men create deeper connections in relationships and with themselves. Embodiment coaching is a somatic (body based) support-therapy that heals anxiety, avoidance and reactivity.

In addition to curriculum for men and women, I see clients for 60 or 90 min sessions supported with homework, curriculum access and email support between sessions to capture quick results. You can find full coaching pricing at the bottom of this page. Keep reading below for more of my story, qualifications and more about embodiment!

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I began my own healing journey in my 30’s and after trying many traditional (and fringe) methods to soothe latent triggers from old trauma in ways that changed my real life problems...

I still felt stuck. 

While therapy helped me understand and heal Trauma, it also left me feeling in some ways like I was stuck. I didn’t get the orientation towards making real changes in my life that I wanted. I needed tools I could use by myself to shift dynamics in real time. I also wanted something faster and honestly… maybe sexier? It felt disappointing that self healing was so dry.

I was exhausted by the list of ‘healthy’ communication strategies and super human qualities that I needed to spend my life aspiring toward. I just wanted to feel like myself. I wanted to just wake up feeling ok everyday. I didn’t want to trade an exciting, erotic, deep life experience for something ‘healthy’ either. I have always known the the hardest parts of my personality (my shadow) are the flip sides of my greatest qualities. I wanted something that felt like harvesting more of me, not taking away. My experience as a woman was already so full of trying to be less or smaller.  

I started to explore my options. I knew my main problem was that I couldn't control my trigger responses or listen to my intuition when I needed it most.  So I was looking for a nervous system regulation method that matched my personality and style. I found Embodiment to be the most effective and quickest method to soothing my nervous system (so that I can make values centered moves in real time) and tapping into my intuition.

My interpretation of embodiment is simply connecting with an ability that you were born with. A soothing essential nature of self regulation and self attunement that you have always possessed and can tap into at any moment. I became certified in Embodiment Coaching through the School of Embodied Arts based in Queensland, Australia. I have created my core curriculums, through the lens of both my own experiences and the stories of the many men & women I have worked with. My background in education heavily supports my client work. I hold an M.Ed. degree in curriculum design. My background in exceptional education and working with traits of giftedness often helps me build connections for my clients. 

Our modern world is hyper masculine. We are programmed to constantly strive towards faster and better. Our collective worth is defined by achievement. Many of my 1-1 clients are traditionally successful people who depend on abundant masculine energy to support themselves and their families. Like me, they run their own companies, own property, and have people that depend on them financially and emotionally. They must learn to cultivate a balanced, healthy and boundaried masculine side that many of us have never seen modeled in our real lives before. 

However, the energy needed for a deep romantic connection, a lifelong friend, or making a child feel deeply seen is FEMININE. But the feminine energy we see in art and media is often needy, broken and rages a path of emotional destruction. 

When a woman isn’t deeply  connected with her mature emotions her life becomes deeply unbalanced. When a male client isn't connected to a balancing feminine energy he also has trouble soothing his own emotions or connecting to his family. 

When my clients begin coaching they often realize that they are hyper critical of themselves and others. In relationships they can become anxious and triggered to the point of not knowing if the core problem is the other person's behavior or their reactions. Many of my clients have been burying their feelings in constant tasks to the point that they are unable to relax without medications or alcohol.

Embodiment work unlocks a natural desire to seek support and deep connection through soothing the nervous system.

Embodiment is a deep remembering. I do not coach women to pretend to be feminine by buying dresses or practicing banter. I do not coach men to be less masculine in order to connect either. 
When you actively participate in Embodiment coaching you are ‘turning on’ the core nature in your body and it is magnetic. I teach women & men to tap into themselves for direction. My client’s choices become wild, complicated, deep and messy. Instead of hiding their needs inside of insecurity they are actively looking for ways to be seen more fully.

Embodiment clients are ultimately working towards the ability to build connections on a very deep level. Receiving and connecting is a RESULT of developing an embodied relationship with yourself. It NEVER depends on another person. 

The people I work with want to cultivate family and partnership on their own terms. They want a life that is big, successful, AND connected. They want to bring forth more of their unique personality and culture not less of it. 

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2022: Embodiment Coaching Certification, School of Embodied Arts
During certification I was also the head coach for a large group coaching program based in Embodiment. 

2023: 1-1 Womb Awakening Mentorship with Deborah Stanley

Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Curriculum Development and Education

View my traditional resume here.
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"Coaching with Christina was a Christmas gift to myself and the sessions were the best Christmas gift I've ever gifted to myself!"

 Kim, Radiance Client 2023


Sales and Pricing: I do not hold traditional sales calls. The link below is truly a way to connect with me with no pressure. I will offer coaching value no matter what on the call!  If we both feel coaching is a great fit, then I will email you with a full coaching invitation. Coaching is around $200 per hour and is sold with a minimum commitment of six sessions. At times I have space for brand new clients to pay for one initial session before committing to six. This truly depends on the openings I have currently and the issues the client is wanting to explore. I have 60 and 90 min options. Coaching includes follow up email support between sessions and it includes free access to all curriculum and group calls offered to your gender during the container. Right now my options for men are expanding but women that choose 1-1 coaching get full complimentary 6 month access to Radiance as part of a six session container. Payment plans of three and six months are available. Women that see me 1-1 once or twice per month for six months and get the additional support of the Radiance curriculum, community and classes see a huge change. I am really looking forward to supporting men the same comprehensive way in the next year. 

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