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Curriculum & Embodiment for Men

21 Days of Embodiment for Men

Stage 2 is ready. Click the check out link below to access the new course while the sales page is being built for a discount! 

After a lot of feedback I decided to do 21 days of audio teaching meditations just for men. The COOL part is they are added to my most popular course for women. It's the 21 days of practices I have every new female client that works with me complete and it's had amazing results and feedback. SO if you have a female partner you can do the course together. Total it's 42 days of meditations, learning and journaling with a guide! If you are short on time just do the embodiment guided practice for the day. If you have been wondering if somatic or embodiment work can help you then this course will be perfect for you! 
For today it's $33 and you get access to every single update and both the men's and women's course work. The active practices are super, man-friendly. 


More Options for Men

Man Blog

I write for men in depth and bi-weekly on my blog in a series called Dear Men. I have published a set of in depth embodiment guides there as well, you can find the first one here and follow along. 


You can also find out more about 1-1 coaching opportunities for men on my about page. I LOVE coaching men on dating, moving through a breakup or in fixing a problem in their current relationship. We use embodiment to increase motivation and to make change feel easier. 

Future Offers

I really love and care about men. I am excited about developing my offerings here further after I collect more feedback and test what I am developing with my current clients. Eventually I plan to offer the full scope of men's subscription community and robust curriculum to men that I have developed for women. 

Stay Updated

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About Christina & 1-1 Options

“I had worked with other healers and coaches, but it was Christina’s guidance and wisdom that helped me move forward."

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