Are you ready to feel safe in relationships with men so you can unlock a love story relationship without sacrificing your voice, your sexuality or your choices?

A unique coaching experience where you can learn to embody rare relationships on your terms .... say HELLO to joining a community where women actually like men!

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‚ÄúI started a journey to self healing which has included therapy and coaching programs six years ago. Working with Christina has made the biggest difference in calming my nervous system.¬†Radiance has taught me to see what is going on¬†inside of me on a deep level. Radiance has helped me more than anything else I have done. I can't believe the changes that have happened across my life, financially and in my relationships.‚ÄĚ - Emily Norden


Let's go beyond traditional dating and relationship coaching. Let's go deeper.


Are you SO tired of wasting time on therapy methods that take years to show results? When know lots of people in your real life that did zero self-work and have super decent relationships with men!

Did your partner bristle and withdraw as you added sentence frames to communicate with him?  How about being told to "take a bath, journal, breathe or just say no more often" as the path to healing your screaming anxiety and fear in relationships? 

Maybe at this point you just feel confused.

My approach includes real skills that I had to learn post divorce to do better with men and with female friends! Through embodiment you can learn to wait, listen and soothe anxiety. So that you can make real life choices that actually feel good. My Radiance client stories are all so beautiful and unique because this is a blueprint for a more authentic version of you, not a cookie cutter set of rules for more man management (gross) or self silencing (ugh). 

The community and extensive course work is a flexible subscription. You can do this at your own pace and with the support of live classes and a community of other embodied women! 

Keep reading to watch videos of my clients who have experienced real life changes with embodiment and energy work. You don't have to manifest the perfect man or the perfect body. It is safe to step off the self healing hamster wheel.

Real, messy, human relationships can bring you joy. Embodiment practices can give you real (not pretend) bandwidth. This community can show you what is really possible.

Are you ready to build a family and a life on your own terms?

"I am in awe of who I am today. I feel so much more confident about recognizing where my energy aligns with others. I have become acutely aware of the connections‚ÄĒor lack thereof‚ÄĒthat exist between me and the people I encounter. This newfound awareness has had a profound impact on my recent experiences with online dating. I am now able to quickly discern how I truly feel. This is an incredible breakthrough for me, and I owe it all to Radiance. Embodiment goes far beyond surface level understanding - it is my therapy.

Investing in this program and participating in deep one-on-one sessions has been the best money I have ever spent. I have learned how to navigate the ups and downs of life, understand the true nature of energetic connections, and discover alignment within myself."

KIM, 2023


You were laying in bed with your partner, giggling, deeply connected to your own internal compass, not thinking about the dishes in the sink, or the laundry in the dryer ... not worried about the future of the connection?

I’ll never forget the time I created this framework. I was having such a hard time even enjoying being around men. I would go back and forth between asking men for almost nothing after months (or years) of connection (hello sexy Barbie) OR passing out a list of rules to them to get everything in line. I saw all men as either too good for me or not good enough. My emotions were completely hidden or they were huge. I was trying to free myself from a lifetime of immature relating to men but I just could not relax enough to feel like myself. The person that I was in my professional life or with friends was almost non existent in my relationships with men. I couldn't fully receive from the solid guys and I couldn't see major character flaws like lying or pretending in the weak guys. I needed help. Talk therapy, books and podcasts weren't working. Sound familiar?

What if you were so deeply connected to your own internal compass that you no longer needed to control everything? It is easy and possible to uncover a more authentic, intuitive and connected version of yourself. A version of yourself where your own inner voice is clear and steady instead of confusing and chaotic. The women I work with might start out with a goal of finding a partner or creating a better relationship with the man in their life. However as they go through Radiance they discover that what they really wanted was to feel essentially "ok" all of the time regardless of their relationship status. They want to feel good about creating their own rules for life. Life is just too short to not feel comfortable in your own skin. Embodiment coaching gives you the tools to build a life full of sensuality, connection and adventure BUT with real people. Not imaginary soulmates. Not with men who have such a low EQ they shut down for days and months at a time.

It can feel easy to ask for exactly what you need with an open heart. It can feel clear to let things go that aren't good for you. Your boundaries can sound like exciting invitations instead of like a broken record. Once you soothe your own nervous system, get clear on your personal values, and learn creative ways to build deep connections... the man in your life will either step forward or the relationship just won't make sense. You won't try to solve his x like a female TV show either. It never mattered why Big didn't show more real investment in Carrie.

Many coaches and therapists will tell you that the path to relationship freedom is simply to "love and accept yourself". I am going to teach you exactly HOW to do that. It isn't hard and it does not take a lifetime. My client results speak for themselves.

I am living this story with you and I am always one post away in the community. Just surrounding yourself with women who are having super positive experiences with men can be lifechanging. The community along with my male clients are a daily reminder to me of what's possible in a world where it seems like everyone is saying monogamy doesn't work, I have evidence that it does.  “Couples who have friends who divorce have a 75% increase in the risk of their own marriage ending" (Forbes).  Being in a community of embodied women who believe in and have great relationships with men MATTERS.

If you identify as female you must face your conditioning.

What if you just don't know how to receive? I didn't. What if what you believe is nice and fair is really causing you self-harm and to be offered fewer opportunities? What if there are ways to build connections with yourself and men and other women that you were never taught?




A 12 module course with a large library of extra support + two live workshops per month + an online community.

Subscribe for flexible monthly access priced at just $47 per month. 


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Learn how to immediately feel better and more in control of your emotions in less than 5 minutes without losing you cool.

Unique and effective energy and embodiment practices help clients to immediately feel better and more in control of their emotional experiences. There are simple shifts and larger embodied living changes that all work together to support clients. During this module clients journey through wintering their past experiences and creating awareness of what is going on in their lives. A bit ah ha moment for many women in Sanctuary is recognizing how much change can happen from just putting their energy and attention on themselves instead of on their partner or on the "relationship".

The goal of ‚ÄúSanctuary‚ÄĚ is continuous access to inner wisdom and feeling safe.


Learn how to unlock new parts of your unique personality. Most of us are playing so small in our relationships with men. 

Taking embodied actions and developing more self expression supports clients in building self trust. Self trust coupled with the deep nervous system work in module one leads to self love. As clients learn that they can easily choose what is best for them with clarity and authenticity they start to experience more confidence. How does the most authentic, embodied and turned on version of YOU communicate and live? I bet it's really awesome and unicorn like. 

The goal of ‚ÄúRevealed‚ÄĚ is to create a balanced life full of self expression and flow.¬†


In the community shares and from taking workshops where Christina shares wisdom from her coaching sessions with men you will start to build a framework of new connection potential with men.

Finally, we work on the steps to building embodied connections: story, listening, attunement and making exciting invitations. Women often realize once they start bringing new connections into their lives during this work that they need new skills to form healthy attachments. Most of us did not have great models for the type of connection that builds real trust and investment. Knowing on a deep level that you gave a relationship a good chance with real connection skills is so healing if you need to let it go. 

The goal of ‚ÄúCreate‚ÄĚ is for women to be able to handle conflict and the expression of desires in new and creative ways.

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Total confidence in your choices. Keeping a relationship will not require you to self abandon or walk on eggshells. If it does you will let it go freely.


Learn how to communicate your needs clearly with passion and excitement. Guess what the world really needs more than anything right now? More women like you to develop an embodied and original voice. No one leaves with same result or the same kind of relationships, because we are all meant to be so different. 


You do not have to apologize for your personality, your body or your unique needs as a woman. You just have to learn to integrate every part of yourself and hold resonance with your own unique energy. Once you do that life will meet you. A life based on your own values, not mine, not a celebrities. 


‚á® 12 Weeks of Core Curriculum

‚á® Two Live (and recorded) Workshops or Group Coaching Calls Per Month

⇨  Loads of Bonus Content Including Master Classes on Health, Dating, Boundaries and Somatic Sexuality

⇨ Online Community Access

⇨ Bonus! Daily Original Guided Embodiment & Feminine Energy Practices 

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“I had worked with other healers and coaches, but it was Christina’s guidance and wisdom that helped me move forward."

Preeti Mattoo

CEO and Founder of Well Adorned

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Now is the time to uncover a radiance & joy that is authentic to your culture and to your personality.


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Orient your life to the devotion to yourself


Find your inner voice


Uncover a radiance and joy that is authentic to you



I'm an embodiment coach, a mom of three teenagers, an educator and an entrepreneur. 

I began my own healing journey in my 30’s after a divorce and career change. I have online dated and I partner with regular men just like you do! 


I began my own healing journey in my 30’s & after trying many traditional (and fringe) methods to soothe latent triggers from old trauma in ways that changed my real life problems...

I still felt stuck. 

While therapy helped me understand & heal Trauma, it also left me feeling in some ways like I was stuck. I didn’t get the orientation towards making real changes in my life that I wanted. I needed tools I could use by myself to shift dynamics in real time. I also wanted something faster and honestly… maybe sexier? It felt disappointing that self healing was so dry.

I was exhausted by the list of ‚Äėhealthy‚Äô communication strategies and super human qualities that I needed to spend my life aspiring toward.¬†I just wanted to feel like myself.¬†I wanted to just wake up feeling ok everyday.¬†I didn‚Äôt want to trade an exciting, erotic, deep life experience for something ‚Äėhealthy‚Äô either. I have always known the the hardest parts of my personality (my shadow) are the flip sides of my greatest qualities. I wanted something that felt like harvesting more of me, not taking away. My experience as a woman was already so full of trying to be less or smaller.¬†¬†

I started to explore my options. I knew my main problem was that I couldn't control my trigger responses or listen to my intuition when I needed it most.  So I was looking for a nervous system regulation method that matched my personality and style. I found Embodiment to be the most effective and quickest method to soothing my nervous system (so that I can make values centered moves in real time) and tapping into my intuition.

My interpretation of embodiment is simply connecting with an ability that you were born with. A soothing essential nature of self regulation and self attunement that you have always possessed and can tap into at any moment. I became certified in Embodiment Coaching through the School of Embodied Arts based in Queensland, Australia. I have created my core curriculums, through the lens of both my own experiences and the stories of the many men & women I have worked with. My background in education heavily supports my client work. I hold an M.Ed. degree and five education certifications in my state. My background in exceptional education and working with traits of giftedness often helps me build connections for my clients. 


The energy needed to manage our households, families and amazing careers is masculine. And most of us are using a form of masculine energy that's more of a judgmental task master than a loving father. However our entire culture pretty much runs on a toxic form of masculine energy. A unique part of my work is helping women mature and work with a form of masculine depth that they might have seen modeled before. A part of you that can hold your own emotions and see the bigger picture and wait with intention... needs to be created. 

The energy needed for a deep romantic connection, a lifelong friend, or making a child feel deeply seen though is FEMININE. The whole world wants us to forget how receive, intuit, feel and live with our bodies instead of against them. Even the feminine energy we see in art and media is often needy, broken and rages a path of emotional destruction. Mature feminine energy is what our Earth and our bodies need, now more than ever. 

When a woman isn’t deeply  connected with her mature emotions her life becomes  unbalanced. When my clients begin Radiance they often realize that they are hyper critical of themselves and others. In relationships they can become anxious and triggered to the point of not knowing if the core problem is the other person's behavior or their own reactions. Many of my clients have been burying their feelings in constant tasks to the point that they are unable to relax without medications or alcohol.

Embodiment work unlocks a natural desire to seek support and deep connection through soothing the nervous system.

Embodiment is¬†a deep remembering. I do not coach women to pretend to be feminine by buying dresses or practicing banter. I do not coach female executives to "turn off their masculine" either.¬†When you¬†practice¬†Embodiment¬†you are ‚Äėturning on‚Äô the¬†core nature in your body and it is magnetic.¬†In Radiance, we use these terms in a way they aren't often used in media or even in other popular coaching programs.¬†

The women I work with want to cultivate family and partnership on their own terms. They want a life that is big, successful, AND connected. They want to bring forth more of their unique personality and culture not less of it. And they want to do it with other women who are forging brave paths. 


What if you could always feel like the sexy girlfriend? Regardless of your relationship status or your waist size.

I can show you how to live and communicate authentically. As a real woman. Not through destroying yourself but through immersing yourself in love and passion. True confidence isn't loud and harsh, it is embodied and often presents as a deep, quiet knowing. A knowing that pulses through men, children and friends. 

Step into your power, your voice, your sexuality and your choices.

You do not have to apologize for your personality or your unique needs as a woman. Keeping a relationship will not require you to self abandon or walk on eggshells. If it does you will let it go.

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